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Furniture of "SOU" made of SUGI (kind of Red Cedar ) is over 200 years old has been used for typical Japanese style house building material, especially for ceiling board. Thickness of a laminated plywood or MDF and SUGI plate of 7mm, it is furniture that has not be represented in the veneer and impossible robustness, price, and in solid wood with a soft "texture".

From thinning materials to be used in the base of the building, use of SUGI in Japan, come with a wide variety of decorative material to.
In the decorative material, there is a brand with a different look by origin "Akitasugi", "Yoshinosugi", "Yanasesugi", "Kirishimasugi" and "Yakusugi" and so on. As wood which is indispensable to Japanese house for a long time, it is the culture unique to Japan which rooted in various places.

Please feel show a different look one by one, in the furniture of "SOU" the charm of SUGI. That is the property of Japan, which has lived with mountain.

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